12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

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This book discusses 12 Characteristics of Effective Teachers who were successful in getting their students to behave appropriately and to learn the subject matter. It presents heartwarming examples of teachers who saw teaching not as a job, but as a noble mission. This book shares classroom strategies of teachers who made a difference in the lives of their students and in turna€”were what inspired those students, in their adult lives, to also become teachers. This book presents true stories written by Education majors as they recount their experiences of being taught (grades K-12) by an effective teacher. It shares actual classroom examples of teachers who manifested each of the 12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher. By acquiring these 12 characteristics, you too can have a positive impact on the lives of the children you teach.When Mrs. Sims gave me a chance, I proved to her that I was not only a good person but I was Smart and trustworthy. ... In the essay Too Many Beers, should Mrs. Keefer have made the decision to appoint Duran Odoms as the S.G.A. Treasurer and allowed him to attend the ... Group members can play the roles of: the misbehaving student, teacher, principal, parent, and other students in the classroom.

Title:12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
Author:Robert J. Walker, Ed.D.
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-02-23


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