11 Management Sins That You Should Avoid

11 Management Sins That You Should Avoid

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Youa€™ll find them in every company: managers and executives who dona€™t understand the importance of fun in the workplace. They cana€™t delegate, they dona€™t really communicate and they use their offices to play politics, making their and their employeea€™s work lives a living hell. Klaus Schuster doesna€˜t pull any punches in his humorous account of the 11 most common management sins being committed every day in the banking and business world. His first of four management bestsellers in Europe, this book shows that it doesna€˜t have to be that way!A. Man. Who. Could. Sew. Since the age of fifteen, my brother has been a salesman with heart and soul. Sometimes he calls meup, audibly pleased:a€œDo you remember the ...? I just sold the washing machine from ... with the super savingsanbsp;...

Title:11 Management Sins That You Should Avoid
Author:Klaus Schuster
Publisher:Redline Wirtschaft - 2014-06-23


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