101 Tough Christian Questions

101 Tough Christian Questions

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101 Tough Christian Questions is a book for all people from all walks of life. It is a source of guidance for those who are lost and a great support for those who have gained maturity as Christians. 101 Tough Christian Questions looks at 101 of the most common and oft-asked questions that mankind has pondered over history. What about the dinosaurs? Does the Bible give us insight? What is the meaning of life? Can we find the answer in Goda€™s Word? Who is God and is there proof of His existence? What will happen to worshippers of other religions? Will they be saved? Why does God allow bad things to happen? Why hasna€™t God answered my prayers? Is drinking wrong? What about just one? Why doesna€™t God appear like in the Old Testament? Is the Old Testament outdated? Can you lose your salvation? 101 Tough Christian Questions helps to answer such questions by using the Holy Bible as the sole reference. The Biblical scholar can use this book as a source of key scriptures to related topics, and the a€œdoubting Thomasa€ can build faith by gaining answers to questions that may have appeared a€œunanswerablea€ in the past. Spiritual leaders can use 101 Tough Christian Questions as a handy reference for Biblical verses to help direct new Christians, and churches can use the book as a gift and starting tool for a€œborn againa€ Christians. Written by Erbey Valdez, a veteran and expert in the field of public education and a lifelong student of Goda€™s Ministry, Mr. Valdez realized early on that a guide was needed for those people who sought knowledge in Christ. After struggling with difficult questions as a youth, Erbey Valdez soon realized that there was a need to provide guidance for others by eliminating confusion. 101 Tough Christian Questions aims at removing doubt and pessimism from the Christian spirit by addressing questions collected from youth, Bible study students, skeptics and church leaders. 101 Tough Christian Questions is not a religious book; only the Bible is used and referenced in order to demonstrate Goda€™s answers...not religious doctrines. Readers will soon find this book easy to share with others no matter what religious affiliation they may belong to. What happens after someone commits to Christ? How does one help others begin their journey as Christians? 101 Tough Christian Questions helps to start someone on their walk with Christ by addressing questions compiled from a diverse group of people including children, new Christians and religious leaders. Simple and easy to read, 101 Tough Christian Questions can be used as a Bible study resource, a bathroom reader, a gift for Christians, or a reference for the Bible student. After studying 101 Tough Christian Questions, readers will feel more confident in their faith, build a stronger relationship with Christ and gain the ability to witness to those who are critical or skeptical of the Christian faith. Readers will have the answers ready at their fingertips and will no longer feel helpless against challengers or nonbelievers. Specific Bible verses that address particular questions will be easy to find and use with this book, but most importantly, readers of 101 Tough Christian Questions will recognize that all of lifea€™s answers have always been available to them through the Holy Bible.Answering Some of the Most Challenging Questions of the Holy Bible Erbey Valdez ... that we could review. Consider the following trivia questions and decide if some a€œassumptionsa€ have evolved over history . ... of Knowledge of good and evil.

Title:101 Tough Christian Questions
Author:Erbey Valdez
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-07-25


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