1001 Best Internet Sites for Educators

1001 Best Internet Sites for Educators

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This second edition of a resource designed to help teachers find relevant information on the Internet for both themselves and their students, provides concise reviews of more than 1, 000 Web sites sorted by subject area. Each site is evaluated with one to five stars for content, presentation and grade level. Easy-to-follow explanations are provided of how each site can be used in the classroom. Also presented are search tips to help teacher find more sites on their own. Besides the rating of Internet sites, the book includes information on hardware and software requirements, safety on the Internet, plug-ins, and helpful information such as criteria for site selection and searching the Web. An element called qFinding Where You Have Beenq helps teachers relocate sites they have viewed. Other helpful features are qSearching the Webq and a qGlossary of Termsq to familiarize teachers and students with the Internet. The introductory material on qSafety on the Internetq provides guidelines for teachers. A generic Acceptable Use Policy is also included that is copyright-free for schools to adapt to their needs. Recommendations for filtering software are offered for Internet use in places where individual monitoring is not possible, such as libraries. Data is provided on an Internet license system in which parents or caregivers sign an agreement for their child to access the Internet. Sites are provided under the following curriculum areas: language arts; mathematics; science; foreign languages; general and professional sites for educators; health and physical education; information and communication; music and performing arts; technology in education; and visual arts. (AEF)... here: resources for basic math and learning to tell the time, matching games, counting games, worksheets, and more. ... order of operations, common factor, perimeter, word problems, exponents, diagrams, reasoning, and map reading.

Title:1001 Best Internet Sites for Educators
Author:Mark Treadwell
Publisher:Corwin Press - 2001-06-01


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