04: Lost in Ibiza

04: Lost in Ibiza

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Shiraz Bailey Wood is back! Having just about recovered from her stint in London with Carrie Draper, Shiraz is prepared to overlook Carrie's totally out of order flaky behaviour because Carrie's just talked her dad into paying for two flights to Ibiza in the summer and no one needs a holiday more than Shiraz BW! Or so she thought.... Put it this way, the sleepy town of San Antonio, Ibiza, ain't gonna know what's hit it once a few other randoms from Goodmayes have pitched up and caused havoc. Uma's in, hurrah! But then Wesley of all people decides to bring stupid Sooz away to top up her tan. Not to mention Mrs Diane Wood! Still, Shiraz and Carrie are lovin' it, even if money is running out and the only jobs on offer seem to be bog cleaning and bottle washing at the local bar ... Will, Uma, Carrie and our Shizza have the holiday of a lifetime? It's all in the diaries, bruv. Read on!happy and when shea#39;s happy, Ia#39;m happy, so therefore I wona#39;t complain. ... She was lying on the bed looking at her Macbook Air, bleaching her moustache and drinking a Diet Coke through a long straw. ... a#39;Oh come off it, Shiz, a#39; Carrie sighed.

Title:04: Lost in Ibiza
Author:Grace Dent
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-10-06


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